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Why Hire A Professional Pet Sitter?

Why Hire A Professional Pet Sitter?


Many people new to pet sitting wonder what is it we really do?  Why is it worth the money to hire a professional pet sitter to care for my pets or walk my dog?  They also wonder about the “pet sitters” advertising their services for very little money.


What is a Professional Pet Sitter, anyway?


I will cover some of the key features of a professional vs. “hobby pet sitter” here.


A professional pet sitter is a person or company that is insured for liability to protect your home and your pets.

A professional pet sitting company has bonding on their staff. This protects you in the case of theft.

The professional sitter usually belongs to one or more professional organizations in order to continue their education regarding running their business, animal care, health, behavior and body language to name a few.

These sitters have experience in their chosen field and clients that would be able to provide excellent references.

Most professional pet sitting companies have a Business License and practice legal and ethical business practices in their community.

A professional company will take detailed notes of your pet’s care and have you sign a contract.


There are many “hobby pet sitters” out there offering their services for low prices. These prices sometimes are not even minimum wage and would barely cover their gas and vehicle expenses.  This type of sitter has little or no working knowledge of the industry, usually lacks experience, has no insurance or bond, and no business license.  These individuals will not be there for you in the long term as they cannot sustain a business without making at least some profit after expenses. Buyer beware!


Value and Peace of Mind


With Kelly’s Pet Sitting you can rest assured that you are hiring a professional pet sitter who is licensed, insured/bonded, has pet first aid training/certification and has the experience and knowledge to care for your pets properly. We are a member of Pet Sitter’s International, a professional organization for pet sitters around the globe. We have been serving the Medford area for over 10 years and we have excellent local references.  When you hire us you get an established, responsible sitter who knows what to do in case of emergencies.  Who would you rather trust when it comes to your precious pets and your peace of mind? 

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