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Does your cat really need a pet sitter?


I often hear from people who have a cat, “My cat is very independent.  Just check food, water and litter box every other day.” Or even worse, “I would like to have pet sitting for my dog, but you don’t have to do anything for the cat.”


Now, I’ll be the first to admit that many years ago, if I left for a weekend, I would set out extra cat food and water and another litter box and thought they would be “just fine.” Now that I have more knowledge and experience with cat care, health, and behavior I would NEVER leave my cats alone without an experienced pet sitter!


Why, you ask?  I believe that cats need at least one visit per day from a pet sitter for the following reasons:

1. FOOD: Some people free feed their cats and this may work for you if your cat is a healthy weight.  But, if your cat is used to getting specific amounts of food once or twice a day, he/she may gorge themselves.  This could result in vomiting on your floor or carpet or a sick cat.  What if your cat stops eating altogether?  You would not know until you return and you may find your sweet kitty seriously ill, requiring an expensive trip to the vet.  Some people leave automatic food dispensers, but I have seen these malfunction and the cat gets NO food at all. An experienced, professional pet sitter will check on your cat daily, making sure he/she is eating properly.

2. WATER: What happens if your cat tips over the water bowl or gets trapped in another room and has nothing to drink?  Dehydration can lead to serious health issues very quickly. Your pet sitter will ease your mind by providing fresh water daily and monitoring your cat’s water intake.

3. LITTER BOX: Leaving your cat with a dirty litter box (even for 1 day) is unhealthy, unsanitary for your home after your cat walks in it, and may result in your cat not using the litter box and instead using the rest of your home for his bathroom. Your cat sitter will keep the box clean and will also notice if your kitty has diarrhea or other problems.

4. HEALTH & SAFETY:  Many cat health problems can come on quickly and escalate. Your professional pet sitter has the experience and knowledge of cat health and behavior.  Catching health problems early can help prevent costly veterinarian visits and possibly save your cat’s life.


Cats have been known to squeeze into and behind small spaces and get stuck, or get locked into a room or garage by the housekeeper. Or to get tangled up tightly in the string to their feather toy or the cords on your blinds. I know you wouldn’t want your cat hanging from the strings on your blinds for 48 hours! Or stuck somewhere without food and water. By visiting your kitty once or twice per day your pet sitter can prevent many disasters that could happen while you are gone.

5. COMFORT & COMPANIONSHIP: Many cats feel stressed and lonely when their owners are away.  Your pet sitter will visit your home once or twice a day and provide loving attention, whether it be playing with their favorite toy, petting and brushing, or some lap time. Just food, water and litter box is not enough for most cats – they thrive with human companionship. A comfortable cat is less likely to show stress behaviors such as having diarrhea or eliminating outside the litter box.


At Kelly’s Pet Sitting in Medford, Oregon, we love and understand cats!  We know how to give them the tender, loving care that they need. We understand that some cats need space. Some cats just want to play. Others want nothing more than to purr in your lap and be petted. We provide them with loving care when you can’t be there. Your kitty will thank you for hiring a professional pet sitter to care for them. Visit our website at for our services and contact information. 


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