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Kennel Tragedy in Gilbert, Arizona. June 24, 2014

Tragedy in Gilbert, Arizona. June 24, 2014

By now you  must have heard about the horrible tragedy that took place in Gilbert, Arizona at the Green Acre Dog Boarding Facility. If not, you certainly will be in for a shock. Kelly's Pet Sitting LLC is located in Medford, Oregon. Why then you ask, am I writing about a kennel located in Arizona? Because I am absolutely sickened and horrified by what took place and continues to take place by the owners of this facility.

The Story.

The original story was that one of the dogs allegedly bit through a cable and knocked out the air conditioning. After which, all 20 boarded dogs perished from heat exhaustion. Do some research on and you will see that after investigating, this is proving to be false. The owners of the facility piled these dogs up on top of each other like pieces of stacked wood in their shed. They didn’t contact the owners right away but instead tried to hide what was happening.

The Reality.

Past clients are now coming forward stating that when they had previously boarded their dogs, that they were told “they had run away”. What??? Clients are stating that while that tragedy unfolded, they were booking NEW reservations and the owners were accepting them. Not one word was mentioned about what was taking place behind the scenes. Not one!  One particular client was referred to Green Acres Dog Boarding facility by The reality is, this boarding facility was in way over their heads and were not the least bit professional in any way.

Pet Care Services

That brings me to my next problem. I mentioned before that referred one of the clients to Green Acre’s Dog Boarding. These “services” such as,, do not know who is working for them and do not always offer a safe place for your pets. These sites are popping up all over the place and they mention how easy it is to watch a few dogs. Let me be the first to tell you that it is not always “easy”. There is so much more than meets the eye with a business such as what I am running or a legitimate kennel runs.

Hard Work, Dedication, Honesty and Trust

Let me say that those of us who consider ourselves “professionals” would never, ever act in such a way as this kennel operator (s) is doing now. They are placing the blame everywhere but where it squarely needs to be and that is on them. As a business owner, I have put everything I have into this business to make it what it is today. Yes, it has been very hard work. Lots of sweat and tears have taken place. Above all else, I run this business on honesty and trust. I get to know my clients and their families and pets. The people that I hire to work for me must pass background checks, have knowledge of animal behavior and have exemplary customer service skills as well. It’s not enough to say “I’ve lived with dogs my whole life”.  Granted, a lot of people get into this business because of their love of animals. That is not enough!! It simply isn’t. Loving dogs or cats doesn’t mean you can handle a crisis if it comes up. Do you trust a “hobby” pet sitter with your home and pets? Certainly that is not to say that everyone that posts on the above sites I mentioned isn’t trustworthy, but most are trying to make quick money.

The Final Point

My final point is that you MUST do your homework and check out the people you are leaving your pets with. They are family members, right? I know that some of you can’t afford a professional pet sitting and dog walking company like Kelly's Pet Sitting. That doesn’t mean you should pick the first person you find online. It doesn’t mean that the local dog boarding facility is the right place for your dog or cat. Ask hard questions. How would they handle an emergency? Do they update you daily? Would they take your pet to the vet and stay with them until further instruction? Does the kennel have people on site at all times? Most don’t! All I can say is do your homework. It is your responsibility to make sure you are making the best decision possible for your pets.

May the 20 dogs that perished at Green Acres Dog Boarding in Gilbert, Arizona rest in peace. Your death will not be in vain. We must have stricter laws to protect our pets, our family members.

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