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5 Reasons Why This Medford Pet Sitter Will Not Cancel On You.

5 Reasons Why This Medford Pet Sitter Will Not Cancel On You.

I cannot believe the amount of calls I have been getting with “My pet sitter canceled on me.”  After further questioning I find out one of two things:

1 - The “pet sitter” was actually a friend or family member who made other plans last minute and then became unavailable to pet sit.

– Their pet sitter was a “hobby sitter” meaning that they did pet sitting on the side, usually for the short term, just because they love pets. While there is nothing wrong with this, they often have other priorities in life: work, school, family, etc. that may come before your pet sitting needs.

So… Here are 5 reasons why Kelly’s Pet Sitting will never cancel on you:

#1 – We have a reputation to uphold.  We are in our 4 year pet sitting full time and we have served over 80 clients and growing. Our clients give us rave reviews, online testimonials, and serve as references to prospective clients. The common thread is that they are so happy they found us and that they can now travel (or work) worry-free knowing their pets get the best care available.

#2 – Life happens. Your pet sitter could get sick, need time off for a family emergency or other reasons. But at Kelly’s Pet Sitting we have built-in backup in place.  Not just anyone, but qualified, professional pet sitters to ensure your pet’s care will not be interrupted.


#3 – We care too much. We care so much about you and your four legged kid that we have made a life style out of being professional pet sitters. Caring for pets is our #1 priority and we are dedicated to you 365 days a year, even on holidays. Sometimes that means getting up very early and not resting our head (usually with a pet next to us) until 10pm.  Not only do we care about you and your pets, but pet sitting is what puts the food in our mouths and the roof over our head. Make sense? 

#4 – When we make a commitment, we honor it. I was brought up that your word is your bond and you say what you mean. The only thing that will be left when we leave this planet is our legacy. That’s pretty important to me and all my staff.

#5 – We have a reliable scheduling system.  This enables us to view, update and change our schedules in real time. These schedules are on the computer, printed out and are also mobile-ready on our phones, so no worries about it getting misplaced, or having it blow out the window of the car!  

Pet sitting is a full time, highly serious business. While you can get non professionals to care for your home and pets while you are away, you may not get the peace of mind from them as you would get with us. We provide our clients with complimentary text messages or emails each day just to ease their minds, and to let them know how their pets are doing each day.  We love what we do and and we will do everything to provide you with worry-free pet and home care while you are away.

Thank you to all of our clients who have put their trust in us. We do not take it lightly.

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