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3 Ways Having A Great Pet Sitter Can Change Your Life

3 Ways Having A Great Pet Sitter Can Change Your Life!

Lately, I have had some new clients tell me that having Kelly's Pet Sitting service has changed their lives! My response: Really?? Well, I do know that our clients are very happy and they have peace of mind when they travel. We have many testimonials telling us they are so grateful for what we do. But, change their life?

Let me give a couple of scenarios and see if any of these describe YOU in some way.

Scenario #1

You never go anywhere because you're afraid to leave your pets and you don't want to kennel them. You can't remember the last time you took a real vacation (unless your pets could go too).

Scenario #2

You come home from work every day to let your dog out. Even, when you would rather be having lunch with friends, or doing errands, or just reading a book! Or, you rush home after work, declining invitations, because you have to get home to feed your dog (and let them out again). Or, when you get home from a long day at work you are just too tired to walk your dog.

Scenario #3

You have had friends or neighbors care for your pet in the past but it was a disaster, (or less than satisfactory), OR they canceled on you last minute, OR you feel you may be imposing on them (again!)

If you can relate to any of these 3 scenarios, just keep reading and I will tell you how having a great pet sitter can change your life!

*At Kelly's Pet Sitting, we LOVE pets!

Caring for your pet is our #1 priority. We keep detailed care instructions to make sure your pet is cared for exactly the way you want. We give your pets the love and attention they need, as if they were our own. We have the time to walk your dog because that is what we do!

*We Do This For A Living

Pet Sitting is not a hobby for us that we do in our spare time or when it is convenient for us. We provide quality pet care 7 days per week, 365 days per year, EVEN Holidays! That way you can go on that Dream Vacation, go visit Family or Friends during the holidays, go to that out of town Wedding, Graduation, etc. Sometimes it's just not appropriate or convenient to bring your pet along.

*We Have The Experience And Background You Can Trust

We have many years of experience caring for all types of pets We are Pet First Aid Certified to be better prepared to handle emergencies. We will even take your pet to the veterinarian if necessary. We have current background checks for extra peace of mind.

*We Are Bonded and Insured

Our bond and insurance protects your home and your pets while in our care.

Our satisfied clients are our proof that HAVING A GREAT PET SITTER CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

So GO and LIVE, TRAVEL, ENJOY LIFE! And leave the Pet Sitting to Us!

For all of your pet sitting, dog walking, overnight pet and house sitting needs, give us a call today at: 541-601-7461. Or send an email to: kellyspetsit@yahoocom. We will set up your complimentary “Meet and Greet” so we can get to know you and your pets and get you on our schedule! 

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