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Did You Know These Fascinating Pet Facts?


As a professional pet sitter for 10 years and a pet owner for 40+ years, I am always fascinated about anything to do with animal information. Even though I have a lot of pet care experience, I am constantly learning more all the time. I know that my education about pets is an ongoing experience and I welcome any new knowledge that will help me with my cat sitting, dog sitting, and also passing along this information to pet owners.

Discover how much you really know about our canine and feline companions.

Why Does My Cat Do That?


I have been studying Pet Sitter's International Certification Program Coursework to further my education in the areas of pet care, health, behaviors, etc. in order to be the best pet sitter I can possibly be. I wanted to share some of the information I am learning with pet owners, particularly CAT owners in this blog.

Cats are not fond of change, so pet sitting is the best option by far for taking care of a cat while the owner is away. But there are still issues with cats that pet sitters need to recognize, know what's behind the behaviors and how to deal with them.

How To Be An Ideal Client And Win Your Pet Sitter's Heart!

How to Be an Ideal Client and Win Your Pet Care Professional's Heart!

The following tips come from talking with pet sitters, dog walkers, and dog daycare owners over the years, and hearing about situations that they have faced with their clients. This may seem like a lengthy list of things to remember, but if you keep these things in mind you'll be helping your pet sitter, dog walker, or dog daycare personnel provide the very best care possible for your pets. And rest assured, the person caring for your pets has a much longer list of things to do than you do!

Kennel Tragedy in Gilbert, Arizona. June 24, 2014

Tragedy in Gilbert, Arizona. June 24, 2014

By now you  must have heard about the horrible tragedy that took place in Gilbert, Arizona at the Green Acre Dog Boarding Facility. If not, you certainly will be in for a shock. Kelly's Pet Sitting LLC is located in Medford, Oregon. Why then you ask, am I writing about a kennel located in Arizona? Because I am absolutely sickened and horrified by what took place and continues to take place by the owners of this facility.

The Story.

The original story was that one of the dogs allegedly bit through a cable and knocked out the air conditioning.

THE DAILY DOG WALK-3 Ways Kelly's Pet Sitting Can Help You With Your Dog's Mental and Physical Needs

THE DAILY DOG WALK-    3 Ways Kelly's Pet Sitting Can Help You With Your Dog's Mental and Physical Needs

OK, I know we are all so busy these days and we really do care about our pets well-being. But ask yourself: Do you walk your dog daily or have a dog walker?
Have you thought about the benefits? Even if you have a big back yard with plenty of room for your dog to run in, that is simply not enough. Here are some of the reasons your dog should be walked every day. Daily dog walks provide many health benefits for your dog.

How Does Your Pet React to Fireworks?

Does Your Dog Get Anxious During Fireworks? Here are 7 ways to help calm your dog or other pet.

July 4 is a celebration of our Nation's Freedom, and the festivities almost always include fireworks. Fun for people, but not so much for our animal companions. Fear and anxiety can set in. So what is a caring pet owner to do?

    1) Do not take your dog to fireworks displays. This is just too much for most dogs and you don't want a frantic pet while you are trying to enjoy yourself. You could also traumatize your pet by putting him in this kind of situation.

3 Ways Having A Great Pet Sitter Can Change Your Life

3 Ways Having A Great Pet Sitter Can Change Your Life!

Lately, I have had some new clients tell me that having Kelly's Pet Sitting service has changed their lives! My response: Really?? Well, I do know that our clients are very happy and they have peace of mind when they travel. We have many testimonials telling us they are so grateful for what we do. But, change their life?

Let me give a couple of scenarios and see if any of these describe YOU in some way.

Scenario #1

You never go anywhere because you're afraid to leave your pets and you don't want to kennel them.

Senior Pets Need Love Too!

That sweet look; that graying muzzle, those fading eyes that still adore you. If your pet is now a senior it is time to return the favor for all of the faithful years of unconditional love they have given you. Read the following tips on how to take care of your senior pet, and of course, consult your veterinarian to make your pet's final years as healthy and productive as possible. 

Preventative care

Taking care of a senior pet can be difficult, but there are many things you can do to make the process a manageable one.


Your Dog Ran Off, Now What?

Lost Dogs

You know that feeling when your dog is not where he is supposed to be? In your yard or home? Or maybe you (or someone else) opened the door and your dog darted through. Or what if you find a loose dog without tags? Do you know what to do?

Steps to Take

What are some of the steps you should take if your dog has run off? First, time is of the essence! The first several hours are the most critical in a dog search. But even if your dog has been missing for weeks or months, do not give up hope.

5 Reasons Why This Medford Pet Sitter Will Not Cancel On You.

5 Reasons Why This Medford Pet Sitter Will Not Cancel On You.

I cannot believe the amount of calls I have been getting with “My pet sitter canceled on me.”  After further questioning I find out one of two things:

1 - The “pet sitter” was actually a friend or family member who made other plans last minute and then became unavailable to pet sit.

2 – Their pet sitter was a “hobby sitter” meaning that they did pet sitting on the side, usually for the short term, just because they love pets.