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Our team of pet care professionals is dedicated to providing the very best care for your pets and your home while you are away.  We all have extensive experience with pet care, know how to handle emergencies, or even small problems that might arise.  Our sitters are contracted with Kelly’s Pet Sitting (IC’s) and we are all bonded, insured and thoroughly background checked for your peace of mind. 

BIO FOR KELLY H. (Owner and Pet Sitter)

 I am a long-term Medford resident and I began Kelly’s Pet Sitting to provide pet parents an alternative to boarding their pets when they travel.  My dog did not do well in a boarding situation, even though it was a reputable company. At Kelly’s Pet Sitting, we strive to create an atmosphere of peace of mind for you and your pet while you are away. I started out with pets at a very young age, being involved in 4-H with rabbits, chickens and horses, and raising & training a guide dog puppy for the blind. I have also owned and cared for cats, dogs, chickens, rabbits, horses, birds, turtles, hamsters, and other animals while growing up. My passion for animals continued into adulthood, and after many years working as a Medical Assistant & Legal Assistant, I finally followed my life-long passion for animals.  This has been the best career I have ever had. My husband Michael and I have been owned by quite a few rescue dogs and cats. Currently we have 3 dogs and 2 cats that share our home. My hobbies are reading, trying new recipes, hiking and camping with my dogs and family. 

Bryce is a responsible, mature, and experienced pet caregiver.  I am so happy to have him on my team!   Bryce has lived in Medford for 4 years.  He has extensive experience and knowledge dealing with dogs and cats in his retail positions in the last 3 years, and decided it was time for him to follow his passion for pets and began pet sitting professionally.  He has experience caring for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, fish, and small animals such as hamsters and rabbits.  Bryce continuously learns more about pets and their behaviors and knows training techniques and first aid to keep your pets safe and happy in your absence.  Bryce and his wife Karen have their own puppy child, Kelly, an Irish terrier mix.  Bryce's hobbies consist of walking, hiking, going on adventures to new places, taking his dog on those adventures, writing, and cuddle time after a long day with his pup. He is ready to pamper your pets with love!


Jil is a life-long animal lover. She has a compassionate heart and a way of reading an animal to know best how to care for them. Her story:  I started with SNYP (Spay, Neuter Your Pet) rehabilitating a litter of six feral kittens, and I have done between 4 and 10 litters of varying sizes every year since. They tend to send me the worst cases, because I just have a way of getting through to them. I'd like to think I speak/understand animal, but it's not hard to do when you’re listening to what they have to say.  She also volunteers with CATS (Committed Alliance to Strays) in Medford, a non-profit cat adoption center.  She also love dogs (though she is partial to one German Shepherd who shares her home and has her heart) horses, sewing, fresh fruit smoothies and homemade vegan food. Jil wants to share her love and compassion with her pet sitting clients, just like she does with her fosters.  She knows it’s hard when pet parents have to be away and she will be there for yours while they are under her care.

BIO for CARRIE N.   

Carrie is a recent California transplant and is enjoying the Rogue Valley.   She and her Border Collie/Golden Retriever mix Bo are pretty inseparable but he's happy to share her love with other pets.

Carrie has always been a pet and people person.  She started volunteering at the Humane Society in the Bay Area 30 years ago and has enjoyed helping people and their pets since.  She most recently worked for both sitting and transporting pets to the vet or physical therapy.  Via this and experience with her own past pets, she is comfortable with and knowledgeable in aiding those pets that need extra care due to illness or injury. 

In her spare time, Carrie enjoys gardening, doing artwork, and spending time with her constant companion, Bo dog. 

Your pets will love all the cuddling and attention that they will get from Carrie. 


I was born and raised in the Rogue Valley with a Christian family and lots of pets. My brothers and I always had multiple pets. We have had everything from dogs to hamsters, cats to frogs. When I was younger I dreamed of starting my own pet care and rescue club with my friends. Now I am happy to be part of Kelly's team and have the opportunity to take care of animals while I am in college. I see pet care as a way to spend time with great animals and, in so doing, bless their owners with peace of mind and freedom to do the other things they need to do. I have experience with:
dogs, cats, birds, amphibians, rodents, and some farm animals. 
I look forward to helping you by providing loving care for your animals!